Posted by: mkirschmd | March 4, 2009

Man vs Mosquito

0003-0701-2318-1729_mosquito_stinging_a_manTravelers have a 2 pronged approach against contracting malaria.  The first is medication, discussed in a prior posting.  Choosing the right medicine requires medical expertise.  There are many anti-malaria medications available today and some don’t work in certain parts of the world.  Consult with your travel physician to ensure that you will be taking the proper pills.  You don’t want to be firing blanks against mosquitoes that are armed and dangerous.


The second strategy is to play very hard-to-get with thirsty female Anopheles mosquitoes.  You must use insect repellents for your skin and clothing to make yourself as inhospitable as possible to these parasite-packing prowlers.  Remember, you win the fight if the mosquito won’t bite. 


Why are we making such a big deal over malaria?  This disease doesn’t just cause fever and a runny nose.  Once the parasite starts multiplying in your blood stream, it can attack your brain, lungs, liver, kidney and spleen.  It can kill within hours, a fate that affects 1 million people annually.


Do you still think that buying mosquito netting is overkill?  Think again.  Here is an excellent link for purchasing netting and other travel supplies.


There are many specfic strategies to vanquish the little vampires. Let’s take the fight to these buzzing, bloodthirsty bugs!



  1. Great Cartoon! I’m trying to figure out how to RSS feed this blog–Lynn

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