Posted by: mkirschmd | August 16, 2009

Do I Need Travel Vaccines to Egypt? Travel Quiz and Tips

180px-Pharaoh.svg[1]Visiting the land of the Pharaohs is true time travel.  This country is brimming with historical and architectural treasures from one of the world’s richest civilizations.  It is the only place on earth where travelers can gaze upon one of the 7 wonders of the ancient world.

While tourists can marvel at the flowing Nile or the stoic 4500 year old Great Sphinx, be warned!  There are hidden enemies in your midst.  They don’t drive chariots or hurl spears.  These attackers were unknown to the ancient Egyptians, but are a potent force in modern times. They are the germs that cause hepatitis A and typhoid.  Fortunately, there are safe and effective vaccines against both of these diseases.  Consult with a travel doctor before departure to discuss these recommended vaccinations and other important travel safety advice.

Here’s the Travelogue inaugural travel quiz.  Just 2 questions this posting.  Consider this a ‘warm up’.

(1)  Of course, you recognize this famous Egyptian site.  Name the city where it is located.


(2)   The Great Pyramid of Egypt was a

(a)    Victory monument after the ancient Greeks were defeated

(b)   An elaborate tomb for Egyptian royalty

(c)    A storage facility for grain during periods of famine

(d)   Used to calculate a monthly calendar based on solar alignment

Leave your quiz answers in the comment section or on our Travel Clinics of America Facebook page.  No hieroglyphics please.  In a week or so, I’ll post the answers in the comments section of the next quiz and on Facebook.  Stay tuned!

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  1. Google maps has this to say about the location.
    What tour of Cairo would be complete without a visit to the Pyramids of Giza!. So is the answer Cairo.

    And is the second question a trick question. I think the answer is all of the above. Al R.

  2. A creative blog!!! Enjoyed reading it.
    Cairo is the answer to the first question.
    I think “B” is the answer to the 2nd question.

  3. I ove this site, such a great resource. I’m thinking the answer to the first is Cairo and the second is “B” as Ina Kirsch above indicated. Are we right?

  4. 1: Gisa
    2: answer is B: the place of burial for Pharaohs

  5. 1) Cairo because it is the only city that I know in Egypt.

    2) B

  6. 1- Gisa
    2- B

  7. Giza B (but very debatable-not based on much evidence)

  8. 1 – Suburb of Cairo, probably Giza
    2 – B (pharaoh tomb)

  9. 1. GlSA
    2. As far as l am aware, pyram’ds were bu’lt for tombs.

  10. 1. GlSA
    2. Pyram’ds were bu’lt as tombs.

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