Posted by: mkirschmd | August 24, 2009

Ancient Rome? Ancient Greece? A Travelogue Travel Quiz Challenge

Travel abroad is often a journey back through time.  Ancient ruins are scattered throughout the world and offer a glimpse of the great civilizations that preceded us.  Visiting these sites is a fantastic travel experience.  Read about them in advance.  Prepare an itinerary that doesn’t cram in too many places in a limited time.  Bring a journal to record your thoughts and observations.  And, of course, consult with a travel doctor for travel vaccinations and important travel safety advice, before your departure. 

Here’s a quiz, a little harder than our first one, but still within reach.  Please write your answers to the 3 quiz questions in the comments section below.   In a week or so, correct answers will appear in the comments section of the next quiz and on Facebook.  The first contestant to respond correctly will be publicly congratulated.

Internet use and collaboration are encouraged.  Good luck!

Please review the site pictured below.


If you are wandering through nearby streets, the language you are most likely to hear is

(1)   Danish

(2)   Italian

(3)   Greek

(4)   Estonian

(5)   Hebrew

This site served as the:

(1)   Temple to Zeus and Athena

(2)    City square and marketplace

(3)   Royal palace with menagerie

(4)   Site of the Second Temple in Jerusalem

(5)   Medievil Trappist monastery

A few steps away from the ancient site above, is a famous arch.  Here is a famous incription from the arch depicting a monumental historical event.


This scene is carved into the

(1) Arch of Constantine

(2) Arch of Titus

(3) Arch de Triomphe

(4) Hadrian’s Arch

Top photo credit



  1. Congratulations to all contestants in the prior quiz from the ‘Do I Need Travel Vaccines to Egypt’ post. This was a spirited competition. Public recognition is awarded to Inga Zilberstein for Gisa (aka Giza) as the site of the Great Pyramid and for responding that this was a tomb for Egyptian royalty. Good luck on the current quiz. Let the games begin!

  2. 1) Hebrew
    2) 2nd Temple
    3) Arch of Titus

  3. 1) Greek
    2) City square and marketplace
    3) Arch of Titus

  4. 1) Italian
    2) City square and marketplace
    3) Arch of Constantine

  5. 2)Italian
    4)Site of the Second Temple in Jerusalem
    3)Arch of Titus

  6. The language is Italian
    The city square and Market place
    Arch of Titus

  7. 1) Greek
    2) City square and marketplace
    3) Arch of Constantine

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  8. Italian, City Square and marketplace and Arch of Titus!

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