Posted by: mkirschmd | August 30, 2009

Travelogue Travel Medicine Quiz! A Game of Skill

Here’s a quiz, a little harder than our first ones, but still within reach.  Please write your answers to the 3 quiz questions in the comments section below.   In a week or so, correct answers will appear in the comments section of the next quiz.  The first contestant to respond correctly will be publicly congratulated and will enjoy national fame.

Internet use and collaboration are permitted.  Good luck!

For a perfect score, one will need some knowledge of travel vaccinations.  The country that is the subject of this week’s quiz is the only nation in the world that requires a vaccination against a specific disease.  Enough hints!  Let the quiz begin!

This is a holy site of one of the 3 Abrahamitic faiths.


It is called:

(1)   The Black Onyx of Heaven

(2)   The Kaaba

(3)   The Throne of Islam

(4)   The Holy of Holies

(5)   The Tomb of the Unknown Warrier


It is located in:

 (1)   Damascus

(2)   Jerusalem

(3)   Jakarta

(4)   Mecca

(5)   Istanbul

 Visitors from abroad to this holy site are required to receive:

(1)   Yellow Fever vaccine

(2)   Meningitis vaccine

(3)   HIV testing

(4)   Malaria prophylaxis

(5)   Oral typhoid vaccine


Photo by Muhammad Mahdi Karim



  1. With regret, I announce that there were no winners on the prior ‘Ancient Rome? Ancient Greece? Travel Quiz. Perhaps, the contestants would have tried harder had they known that the prize was a 2 wk cruise to Alaska.

    The photograph was, of course, the Roman Forum located in Rome. The language heard in this vicinity today is Italian. The Forum served as the city center and marketplace. The 2nd photo is a famous scene on the Arch of Titus, near the Forum.

    Good luck with today’s quiz!

  2. Kaaba

  3. Thanks, very informative stuff here.
    Keep it up


  4. Thanks for the post. Very informative for me.
    Keep it up.


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