Posted by: mkirschmd | September 6, 2009

Malaria Facts & Figures: A Travelogue Quiz!

190px-Clinical_thermometer_38.7[1]One sure fire way to have adventure on your trip abroad is to catch a case of malaria.  For those who are planning an adventure travel vacation, we’d suggest mountain climbing, scuba or white water rafting instead. 

Malaria is a serious disease that is present in parts of Asia, Africa and South America.  International travelers, including students studying abroad, need to review their intineraries with a travel doctor several weeks before departure.  The characteristic symptom of malaria is fever.  Hundreds of millions of people throughout the world contract this disease every year, including 1 million fatalities.  There are important steps you can take to make sure that you are not added to this list

Please write your answers to the 4 quiz questions in the comments section below.   In a week or so, correct answers will appear in the comments section of the next quiz. The first contestant to respond correctly will have the next discovered strain of malaria named after him. 

Internet use, collaboration and all forms of cheating are permitted.  Good luck!

(1) Malaria is transmitted to humans by:

(a) Contaminated drinking water

(b) Mosquitoes

(c) Food handlers

(d) Unlucky people infected with malaria

(e) Fresh water lakes and streams

(f) Scientists still have no clue


(2) Travelers to which of the following destinations do not face malaria risk?

(a) Kenya     (b) Haiti     (c) Czech Republic    (d) Rwanda


(3) Which of the following might explain why travelers develop malaria? (There may be more than 1 correct answer here.)

(a) Many strains of malaria are resistant to typical medicines prescribed

(b) Malaria can develop resistance against insecticides used on clothing

(c) Travelers do not take their medicines as prescribed, particularly after returning back home

(d) Discounted antimalarial medicines purchased on the internet may be impure and less effective


(4) To prevent malaria, international travelers are strongly urged to

(a) Obtain the malaria vaccine 6 weeks before departure (unless allergic to eggs)

(b) Start your antimalarial medications 4 weeks before visiting the National Parks in the western United States

(c) Drink only pasteurized eggs and juices and avoid salads and street foods

(d) Determine the malaria risk in their specific destinations

(e) Use sunscreen with SPF of at least 35, which repels the malaria germ

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  1. The correct answers to the prior Travelogue Quiz are: Kaaba, Mecca and Meningitis vaccine. Kudos to Inga Zilberstein, M.D. for nailing the quiz. Will another quiz competitor dethrone her? Good luck to all.

  2. 1. b
    2. c
    3. all
    4.d. MK, you’ve outdone yourself here.

  3. 1. b
    2. c
    3. all
    4. d

    Malaria is serious stuff, I am glad you are focusing on it!

  4. 1. b

    2. c

    3. all

    4. d

    Important to be educated about malaria.

  5. Why would I bother answering these questions when my friend the doctor will keep me healthy?

  6. 1. b
    2. c
    3. d
    4. d

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