Posted by: mkirschmd | September 13, 2009

Travelogue Quiz: Name That Building!

Here’s a quiz that is so easy that a school child could ace it.  Please write your answers to the 4 quiz questions in the comments section below.   In a week or so, correct answers will appear in the comments section of the next quiz.  The first contestant to respond correctly will be offered an opportunity to compete on the game show Jeopardy, not in the studio but in their own home watching their own TV!  As always, cheating is permitted. Good luck!

This quiz is about a famous building located in a famous country.  A serious health risk for international travelers in this country is malaria.  Chloroquine, the best known antimalarial in the world, doesn’t work there.  Travelers have many effective strategies to prevent malaria.  Take a peek at this link before you start the competition.

Let the quiz begin!


(1)   The name of the magnificent building pictured above is

(a)    The Great Domed Cathedral of Kashmir

(b)    The Taj Mahal

(c)    The Basilica of St. Gregory

(d)    The Islamabad Museum of Art

(e)    The Royal Palace of Budapest


(2)   The spectacular dome is made of

(a)   Granite

(b)   Marble

(c)   Paper Mache

(d)   Ivory

(e)    Gold with alabaster overlay


(3)   The building is located in

(a)    New Delhi

(b)    Old Delhi

(c)    The Corner Deli

(d)    Agra

(e)    Mumbai

(f)     Istanbul

(g)    Emerald City


(4)   The building serves as a

(a)   Mausoleum

(b)   Museum

(c)   Seat of government

(d)   Movie backdrop

(e)   Functioning house of worship



  1. Excellent responses on the prior quiz, Malaria Facts & Figures. A few of you had all of the correct answers, but Carolyn Alpert was first on the Travelogue Quiz buzzer. Congratulations to Carolyn! I was pleased that no contestant fell into the ‘malaria vaccine’ trap. There is no vaccine for this disease available yet. although research is ongoing. Best of luck with this week’s quiz.

  2. What is the shelf life of deet products?
    Reall “e”?
    does New Delhi have a section called Old Delhi?
    Any chance it is more than just a house of worship?

  3. It is so interesting!

  4. The first answer is c. Is it right?

  5. The first answer is B,The second answer is B the third one is C, And the last one is A.

  6. Am I smarter than a 5th grader?
    Don’t answer that.

    1. A
    2. E
    3. A or some where else in India
    4. E or it is a left over set piece from Slum Dogs. Was that worshippers or tourist in that scene in the movie.

  7. I would like to visit this gourgeous monument some day.
    1. b
    2. b
    3. d
    4. a

  8. 1) b- Taj Mahal 2) b- marble 3) d- Agra 4) a- mausoleum

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