Posted by: mkirschmd | September 22, 2009

Do I Need Travel Vaccinations?

Travel vaccinations are like the armor that warriors used to wear in battle.  They protect international travelers from assault and injury from microscopic germs that are lying in wait.  If fact, the knights in shining armor of yore had it easier.  At least they could see their adversary directly and could mount a directed challenge to their opponent.  Not so, for travelers who must protect against invisible enemies – yellow fever, hepatitis, rabies, typhoid and Japanese encephalitis.

Travel doctors have safe and effective travel vaccinations against all of these diseases. Yet, most travelers at risk never receive them.  They book their hotels, renew their passports and arrange for sightseeing tours.  They remember to cancel newspaper deliveries and for neighbors to pick up their mail.  Shouldn’t  protecting their health rank as a higher priority?

Airlines, travel agents and touring agents do not routinely advise their clients to obtain travel vaccinations in advance of their departure – but they should.  It’s up to travelers themselves to get wise to this issue and get vaccinated.  Would you ever consider not having your kids receive their routine vaccinations?  Of course, not.  Then, make sure that you protect yourself as well.  

Travel Clinics of America physicians know that planning trips is complicated and time consuming. Preventable illness can ruin it all. Viruses and bacteria are waiting to sabotage your months of preparation.  Make sure that you have a strong ‘suit of armor’ to disarm them.  Get your vaccinations!



  1. How many travel specialists are there in the US?

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