Posted by: mkirschmd | October 22, 2009

Travel Vaccinations in Your Neighborhood!

Booth_2Last week, we were at the AAFP (American Academy of Family Practice) medical convention in Boston.  Usually, we doctors are attending the medical lectures at these conferences to keep current on medical knowledge. This time, however, we were manning a booth in the exhibit hall in a sea of pharmaceutical and medical device booths, who were hawking their products to thousands of physicians. Physicians flocked to our booth, even though we were not giving away free pens, T-shirts, restaurant coupons or hot buttered popcorn. Our organization, Travel Clinics of America, attracted physicians because of our concept. We didn’t need a free giveaway.

Doctors wanted to join with us. Travel Clinics of America has a network of physicians across the country who are trained in travel medicine. These doctors administer travel vaccinations and provide patients with important travel safety tips. Our website has a wealth of information that every international traveler should review to stay safe abroad. The network is expanding rapidly, and there may be one of our trained physicians in your community right now.  Put your zip code in the search box on our website and find out.

Doctors in our network enjoy travel medicine. It makes their medical practices more interesting and is an important opportunity to protect the health of international travelers. Most travelers in America leave the country without any travel shots or safety advice. These folks never thought in advance about questions like these:

  • Which restaurants are safe to eat in?
  • How do I find an English speaking physician in my destination?
  • Can I trust medications in foreign countries?
  • Do I need every travel vaccination that the CDC recommends?
  • Should I get ‘swine flu’ (H1N1) vaccine before I leave?

Many of these answers are right on our website. Get informed, get vaccinated and then get your bags packed for your great adventure abroad. Safe travels!



  1. Great website, a lot of valueable information. One can learn a lot about traveling abroad, taking Cruise Ships, food safety and much much more.
    Dr. Zilberstein is knowlegeable and give full attention to her patients. I had very good experience in the Office. Thanks a lot. N.A.

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