Posted by: mkirschmd | November 20, 2009

Do I Need a Yellow Fever Vaccine?

A Few Yellow Fever Facts

Yellow fever is a virus which, like malaria, is transmitted by infected mosquitoes. The infection can cause jaundice, which describes yellow skin and eyes, explaining the name of the disease. Yellow fever predominantly occurs in sub-Saharan Africa and tropical South America. The disease risk is much higher in Africa, particularly between July and October.

Why Get Vaccinated?

Yellow fever vaccine is administered for two reasons. The first, and most obvious, is to protect travelers from the infection. Secondly, many countries require travelers to be vaccinated, not for the travelers’ health, but to protect their citizens in case you are infected. This requirement is generally enforced if you are traveling from a yellow fever region and are entering a new country. Those who are unvaccinated or have no proof of vaccination can expect to be turned away at the border. While being denied entry on arrival may generate some excitement, this is not our idea of adventure travel!

Can Any Doctor Give Yellow Fever Vaccine?

No. Yellow fever vaccine can only be given by a medical professional who has been certified to administer this injection. You will receive an official stamped paper documenting proof of injection. Many countries require proof of yellow fever vaccination. I suggest placing this document in a folder entitled, “Stuff I Can’t Lose”. It won’t be enough for you to swear on Girl Scout’s Honor that you have been vaccinated. No document, no entry.

How Can I Find a Certified Yellow Fever Vaccinator?

Simple, just click Find Travel Clinic and you’re there!



  1. […] for this disease.   Some countries require yellow fever vaccination before entry, but it’s not your protection they’re concerned […]

  2. […] for this disease. Some countries require yellow fever vaccination before entry, but it’s not your protection they’re worried […]

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