Posted by: mkirschmd | December 6, 2009

Beware H1N1 Vaccine Scam!

Scammers have always been among us.  In the old days, we had snake oil salesmen that promised us that their placebos were really cures.  Today, in the cyberage, the practice has gone viral.  By the time that an internet scam has been exposed, it may already have reached millions of us.  How many will be duped? 

The old expression, caveat emptor, or  let the buyer beware, is still good advice.

Here’s the latest.  Emails have been circulated that look like an official communication from the CDC (Center for Disease Control) asking folks to ‘register’ their H1N1 Personal Vaccination Profile, even if they have already received the H1N1 ‘swine flu’ vaccine.  As you might expect, clicking on the link doesn’t take you where you want to go.  Those who do so will be at risk of having their own computer ‘infected’ with malicious computer code.

H1N1 is a serious disease and there are still vaccine shortages in many parts of the country.  Get the H1N1 facts from a legitimate source, one that is focused on your health.

Doctors can help you stay clear of the H1N1 virus.  They can’t protect your computer from getting infected.  All of us need to be on our guard for the next wolf in sheep’s clothing that tries to lure us into a trap.


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