Posted by: mkirschmd | January 7, 2010

Getting H1N1 Immunity: Two Surefire Methods

My wife and I are both immune to H1N1.  Here’s how we did it.

  • I received the H1N1 vaccine
  • She got sick with H1N1 disease

Both of these methods are effective.  Which method would you prefer?   As a physician, I recommend the H1N1 vaccination strategy, but the choice is yours.  The public health authorities and the pharmaceutical companies have performed incredibly well in understanding the H1N1 virus, and translating scientific knowledge into a safe and effective H1N1 vaccine.   And, they did it in time. 

Of course, the government had some missteps.  This is to be expected when you are aiming at a moving target.  If the Feds didn’t respond with sufficient resources and attention, and the H1N1 pandemic caused a plague across America, then the country would not forgive them, particularly with the memory of the government’s response to Hurricane Katrina, just a few years ago.  The error of overreacting to a perceived crisis is much easier to forgive, as money is wasted instead of lives. 

How did the press do with H1N1?  Did they accurately report H1N1 facts or did they contribute to the national hysteria?  We’d like to know your opinion.  Exercise your right to vote in the following poll.  And, feel free to leave a comment.



  1. I would have liked to seen a question that said it was over hyped, or given more attention than it deserved.

  2. Good point. I think that your H1N1 poll question would have captured many votes.

  3. The problem for most people is that their possible H1N1 was never documented. I allegedly had it also, but have no true evidence of it.

  4. Agree that often physicians make a presumptive diagnosis of H1N1 disease without proof. If the symptoms are typical, and H1N1 has been documented in the area, then the physician may feel comfortable making an H1N1 diagnosis.

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