Posted by: mkirschmd | February 18, 2010

Vancouver Olympics – No Medals for Officials

Vancouver is captivating the world, even though the iconic show ‘American Idol’ on the Fox network had more viewers than the Olympic snow and ice competition on NBC, earlier this week. Fox and ‘Idol’ get the gold.

Medals are pouring in for the Americans. So far, they have won 14 medals in Vancouver. Yesterday, American athletes astonished the world by winning 6 medals in a single day – an Olympic tour de force. No American team has ever achieved this in the Winter Games.

Another Olympic record may have been achieved earlier this week when officials made errors in 2 Olympic events. This was an embarrassment to the International Biathlon Union, who is responsible for these officials. On Tuesday, in a womens 10 km race, an official delayed the start of 3 athletes, all of whom had late starts. But wait, there’s more. Two male biathlon athletes were sent off too early on their race. After the fact, the athletes’ times were adjusted, but this is a clumsy correction to mistakes that should never happen. The U.S. Biathlon director filed a protest.

The athletes train for years aspiring for perfection. They deserve officials who can, at least, start a race on time. So far, no medals for these guys.

All of us at Travel Clinics of America wish the athletes, the Vancouver spectators and even the officials,  a safe and thrilling experience.


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