Posted by: mkirschmd | March 11, 2010

MassiveGood Can Make MassiveDifference – Will Travelers Click?

One person can make a difference.  Millions of people working together can change the world.

A fabulous campaign called MassiveGood opens tomorrow at the United Nations in New York City.  Travelers will now have the opportunity to donate $2 when they book an airline ticket, rent a car or pay for hotel accomodations.  The money will go Unitaid, a charitable organization founded in 2006 that already receives hundreds of millions of dollars from donations, taxes and airline surcharges in several other countries.  Now, Americans will have a chance to participate in a global effort to combat 3 deadly diseases – AIDS, malaria and tuberculosis.

What if every traveler clicked on the MassiveGood icon when they were booking tickets?  Since there are about 2 billion annual air travelers, MassiveGood could produce MassiveCash to prevent and relieve suffering throughout the world. 

All of us at Travel Clinics of America hope that this phenomenal program will go ‘viral’ in the traveling community.  Two dollars won’t make a difference to each individual traveler, but collectively it can make all the difference in the world.


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