Posted by: mkirschmd | March 31, 2010

FDA Says No to Jet Lag Drug

Travelogue readers were previously alerted to a new drug being promoted for jet lag.  While jet lag is not a serious threat to international travelers, such as malaria or yellow fever, it can significantly decrease the quality of your trip.  Most travel experts agree that touring foreign countries is more enjoyable when you are awake.  Similarly, corporate executives who are traveling abroad for business, agree that these meetings are more useful and productive if they are coherent and conscious during them.

 Jet lag is a disruption in the traveler’s internal clock that occurs when several time zones are crossed.  With preparation, it can be minimized. International travelers have many tools available to minimize jet lag so you will not be stuporous when you want to be sharp.

 The pharmaceutical company Cephalon was hoping that Nuvigil, which promotes alertness, would be approved for jet lag.  The company was hoping for approval as Provigil, a similar drug it manufactures, will be facing competition from generic alternatives 2 years from now.  The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) rejected approving Nuvigil for jet lag, which is probably giving Cephalon executives and stockholders acute insomnia.  There is still no FDA approved prescription medicine for jet lag.

For now, Cephalon executives will be counting sheep instead of counting dollars.


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